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mega-wants! and a collection update

Hello fellow collectors! I feel terrible that I haven't been as active as I've wanted to be as of late, but between work, school, and moving, life has been crazy. But now, onto the fun stuff!

There are still two wants I have not been able to satisfy and would really like the community's help on. One of them is this bootleg 12" Lapras DX doll that was sold on Ebay frequently last year but has since disappeared. I know there are several community members that were able to get their hands on this plush and unfortunately I was not. I still have a deep desire to obtain it and it doesn't look like it will be back on Ebay anytime soon, so if anyone is willing to part with theirs, I'm willing to drop a good amount of money on it.

Secondly, to complete my Banpresto starter collection, all I need is Charizard! I know there is one on Ebay right now, but I'm looking to try and keep this one under $100. If anyone is either willing to part with theirs or if there are any available on the deputy sites (I don't know my way around those very well XD), please let me know.

And finally, I leave you with a small collection update. I have a ton of photos of my individual plushies and I plan to do an extensive update soon, but for now I think a group photo will suffice!

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