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Real? + Take My Cards Sales

Hi everybody!
Today, I bring you guys two things

1. Are My Latest Card Gets Real
2. Super Cheap Cards

First off, these cards:

Anyone know any information about em? Are they real, are they fake.
And if anyone if interested, I could sell them : )

Onto the sales!

Thanks rhys107 for the awesome Sales banner :D


I only ship to the U.S. and to Canada.

I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States.

When commenting please leave your Zip code.

I will do holds but only for 48 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

I only accept Paypal.

If you would like me to ship the cards in an unprotected envelope (Which is the cheapest) or bubble mailer

I am not responsible if the cards gets lost in the mail

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

Yes I can provide more pictures

Note: Most of these cards are in O.K. quality. 



Mint Condition Cards:

Teddiursa and Ariados Info Cards- $3 each

"Bird" (Flying) Type Stickers $6      Team Rocket Bio? $3

ALL $0.10 Cards Unless Stated
Electric Types:

Lanturn- $0.50

Grass Types:

Steel + Dark Types:

Eevee- $0.50

Rock/Ground/Fighting Types:


Stantler and Eevees-$0.50
Water Types:

Fire Types:

Areodactly, Houndour, Growlithe-$0.25 

Leave a comment if anything interests you ; )

(Regular Sales)

Thanks for looking :D
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