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Want posttt~

Hello communityyy~
Kinda figured I needed a want list, it's big though, unfortunately so I'm only going to post a bit of it here. c: I'm working to collect Pokemon from both my SoulSilver Pokemon Team and Black Version Pokemon team, but I can see it's definitely easier to get the older Pokemon. XD
Anyway, onto the list of things I'm looking for here..! A lot of them, or at least the first bunch are zukans. xD;

Typhlosion Line Zukan
Crobat Line Zukan
Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon Zukan
Persian Line Zukan
Dewgong Line Zukan
Raikou Zukan (Non-shiny)
Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan
Exploud Line Zukan
Wartortle Zukan(I have a Wartortle on my team, so really I'd take this in any form as long as I get Wartortle. Can be just Wartortle.. just Squirtle and Wartortle.. whole thing, etc.)
I know that Typhlosions line, as well as all Eeveelutions are popular.. but I thought it would be better to include them to the list anyway. c:

I'm also totally interested in a Raikou Pokedoll(Non-shiny) or any Plushes of these Pokemon. c: (Except Espeon, Glaceon and Blastoise.)

So if you guys know anybody who's willing to part with any of these.. or know where I can get any at a good price, let me know please. ^u^ thanks~!
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