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HUGE Card lot sales,Lugia Hat Offers, and Auctions!

So today my boyfriend decided to bring over THREE binders full of cards for me to look at and possibly sell to you guys(otherwise they will be going into a garage sale or back into the depths of his closet) I found a few gems in there! (I think...) But the rest are up for grabs in one big lot! Up for auction today are a First edition holo Blastoise and a First edition holo Clefairy I also have a few other first editions up for sale as well!

Please read my sales rules here:

Offers and Auctions will end April 13th at 6pm PST

Lugia Hat: I have no information on this. I can't find one anywhere. It will fit an adult if you're head isn't really huge. It fits me and my boyfriend comfortably. Made by HeadStart Caps and is in good condition!
Offers Start @ $15 shipped

I'm going off of prices I've seen on Troll and Toad/ebay so I'm sorry if my pricing is terribly off.

First edition holo Blastoise card(Has light scratches. Not very noticeable.)Starts @ $45 shipped
First edition holo Clefairy(Has lighter scratches than Blastoise. I had to look pretty close to see them.): Starts @45 shipped

Edit: I have been informed that these cards are both shadowless as well!

The rest of these 1st Editions are up for straight sale:
Dragonair: $15 shipped
Wartortle: $12 shipped
Charmander: $3 shipped
Bulbasaur: $5 shipped
Magmar: $4 shipped
Kadabra: $4 shipped

Lot of cards: $75 shipped($80 shipped international) OBO
New low price of $50 shipped!($55 international)
These are all older cards. They will include more first editions, a page and a half of holos, and some topps cards! I'd say there are anywhere between 200-250 cards in here. There are no trainer or energy cards! If you want to add them (I have a 6 inch tall stack of energies and a 4 inch tall stack of trainer cards) it's an additional $10 (if you want them separately, ask me about them)

More pictures:

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