Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Corphish pokedoll+custom vanilluxe offers

Hey guys! After MUCH thinking, ive decided to maybe part with a couple of awesome plushies, the corphish pokedoll, and a custom knitted vanilluxe plush :U And I really hope they can go to good homes :x <3

So yeah,first, lets start with some important things

File:Ani606MS.pngI ship from sweden.
File:Ani606MS.pngI accept PAYPAL only.
File:Ani606MS.pngI was granted sales permission by Dakajojo in 2011.
File:Ani606MS.pngPrices does not include shipping!
File:Ani606MS.pngPlease ask for quotes if you wonder about the shipping price! :)


ENDTIME on offers, will be when they seem to die out! Seems most fair :)
But, if they dont get any offers within 2 days, I will stop the offers, probably.

Also, the lowest ill accept for these guys, are their starting prices!


Done with that!
Now, lets get to the photos shall we? :3

First up, 'pishy! Hes in really good condition, and have mostly been on display :)

He will start at $70.. I guess hes really rare, havnt seen one on the comm for a very long time..? :O
Has tushtag! Really cute, I really recommend this guy to any pokedoll lover *w*

Next is vanilluxe. Really cute,and very nicely made :O Muchly fluffy, and very squishy xD One happyface, and one grumpy :)
The details are made out of felt and glued on. (crystals, mouths, eyes)

They will start at $20

Go on, and offer! :3

Thanx everyone!

Tags: corphish, custom, plush, vanilluxe
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