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updated sales and a quick get!

Hey guys! Hows it all going B:

So it was me and my boyfriend's (r_used, but he very rarely posts if ever lol) 3 year anniversary last week :D we both love pokemon so we kind of had a pokemon themed anniversary because we are sad nerds <3 But then he decided to go over board because LOOK AT HIS PRESENT TO ME ;A;


that there is 160 BOOSTER PACKS. Just let that settle in for a second.
This lot also came with over 200 promos and foil single cards, as well as toys, a hat, patches and more ;A; I was close to tears when I opened it. Of course, I was wondering how on earth he could afford such an amazing present, and then he showed me how much he paid...it was under $200. I dont know how he found it but man I am the luckiest girl in the world ;A;

I have opened all the packs now apart from the booster box and I will show off the singular cards I kept in a future update, but for now I have listed the extras in my sales, includes non tcg and tcg updates!! This lot also came with a bunch of GERMAN TCG cards, including eevees, raichu, and more! Come check it out! If youre after any specific pokemon in german not shown just let me know!

click here or the banner to be transported to NON tcg sales!

Click here or the banner to be transported to TCG sales!

Tags: cards, chatot, leafeon, lucario, oshawott, paras, sales, snivy, tepig, umbreon, zukan
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