Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Plush mountain and update! Also Wants!

I've paid for the Ash is a Giant GA's shipping, but don't yet have a customs code.

I am looking for Poke bandanas or handkerchiefs that are big enough to wear around my neck. I am willing to pay, or I have this rather cool Tokyo B&W bandana... I might be convinced to trade it or part exchange.

I am looking for phone charms! See my collection update pics for ones I already have.
I am also looking for the other half of this mini folder set. I won it in a GA quite some time ago, I have no idea what it is.

Plush heap update! Alright it's not 100% Pokemon, but I only have so much bed to store things on. It's hard to judge scale on these photos, but there's a Pokedoll or two and.. a cat.. for scale. Otherwise the buried Meowth is 18" tall.

I adore my cushion! Also snuggly Audinos. :3 Zorua is one of my first ever GA wins.. And turtwig is an honorary member of the bed club after the GA bidder Jazzbie bailed and left me footing the bill.
I'm very proud of Gatomon, even if she isn't Pokemon. I rebuilt her nearly from scratch after her previous owner wrecked her. New claws, tail, ears and very careful washing.

Lucario train! :D
That lying down eevee is the softest, snuggliest thing ever. Not minky, a sort of suedey short fur. Pika is similar, but his stuffing is kinda floppy.

I had a try at organising my dresser today, hence the plush heap.

Look at all the pikas I don't collect. Top shelf is my favourite. :) Love my 'carious.

My +/- mini collection! And unsorted mess. Aaaa!

Up on the wall I did some tidying up too!

Oh no, Kyogre is missing a flipper! It's down the back of the dresser! :[ Nobody would have noticed.

Aaand random folder that I don't know the origin of. Same GA as the red one, but this one is badly creased due to being unprotected in the mail. It's lovely though!
Classic starters! :D Looks old gen, right?

Nope, just on one side! What?

Tags: collection, plush, wanted
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