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Hi guys! My auctions will be ending tomorrow night, April 12 at 8 PM EST! Several things including the large Darkrai and Shaymin UFO plush + many stamps and Johto swing keychains are either at the starting bid or have no bids at all! Go check 'em out here!

Still have a lot of new stuff in my sales post, too! If you feel that a price is too high you're always welcome to haggle :D Any owed packages will be going out by this weekend or Monday - apologies for the delays, but I finally won the glaring competition with my printer so I can get back to printing shipping labels asap!

Aaand I have a couple small gets to show off under the cut :D

Aaaa look at this regal majestic creature! I just love the twisty pose and how detailed this is, ahh. Really cool! Also, a warning: his ear things are really sharp. I was trying to pull him off the base and I swear those points nearly punctured my hand XD

Serperior came with these pals! (Dynamic photos are cool! Or, well-executed ones are, anyway. Oh well!) They both have their bottlecaps but I was too lazy to set them up xP I think I'll sell these guys off though I'm tempted to keep Samurott. Any interest?

These are so cute oh gosh. I love the detail on the Pokemon!

Vulpix Tomy for size! Look how tiny and precious
I'll be putting these up for offer at some point in the future if anyone's interested - I'd do it now but I have a lot of auction and GA stuff to work on xP

That's it for now! Thanks for reading :D Main collection update coming soon..!

Also, does anyone happen to have a Serperior zukan with a decent paint job for sale? Not sure what they go for, but I could spend $5-9ish? Let me know if that's a huge underoffer or something, I haven't been keeping up with new zukan releases lately!

Tags: auction, darkrai, furret, lugia, sales, scizor, shaymin

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