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Hi everyone! UPDATES ON ME!

It has been years since I've been on, and here I am back, after so long and getting back in the buying of lots and lots of Pokemon things!  Some things that happened to me last year:  I had a little boy April 15, 2011 and got married to my Mewtwo on May 4, 2011!  So life has been more about those things than Pokemon! :'(  But now I'm back, because my son, loves POKEMON!  He watches the movies and the anime he just adores it so here we are again trying to find good deals on Great items for his age! and maybe some for when he's older.

Lets see In the next month i will have a lot of new things for my son! and me! :DI finally found the Pokemon collector tackle box!  And not only did I find one but TWO!  I have yet to receive them but this is what they look like!  Can't wait for them to come!


just got finished with the purchasing of the boxes, and i got all this with it too! she ships monday!

*just a list*
*red card box/tackle box x2 = $45.00
+ two FREE Topps card packs!

*Brock collection (includes original Brock figurine with stand, Onix and Sudowoodo two inch action figures WITH FREE POKEBALLS, a collection of Brock themed trading cards SOME RARE, some holographic "evolving" small cards, and a pack of Topps cards featuring characters and episodes from the anime) = $15.00

* Mew light up Burger King toy - $5.00

* Two inch Tomy figures, listed below (82 figures, with only pikachu double) = $125 (that's almost 25% off!)

venonat, numel, clefairy, squirtle, blastoise, krabby
kingler, hitmonlee, spinarak, psyduck, golduck, slowpoke
sentret, stantler, primeape, treeko, venomoth, metapod
caterpie, butterfree, pikachu, pikachu, mareep, mr. mime
alakazam, pidgey, pidgeotto, pidgeot, snubbull, loudred
whimsur, shiftry, nuzleaf, meowth, togepi, croconaw,
cloyster, ralts, staryu, dratini, magikarp, gyarados,
dugtrio, seel, slakoth, slaking, vigoroth, skitty
delcatty, weedle, bayleef, meganium, chikorita, jigglypuff
igglybuff, heracross, wigglytuff, goldeen, seaking, hitmonchan
marill, raticate, nidoran female, nidorina, sunflora, bellossom
clefable, electrike, porygon, illumise, doduo, torchic,
blaziken, spinda, snorlax, kabuto, omastar, hypno,
drowzee, blissey, chansey
and salamence (FREE!)

Total price so far: $190.00 <--- I think that's an awesome deal!

I also bought a few things from eledora
who has a lovely store here! <3  She ships my items out this Saturday I believe!

Some other items I'm waiting on are Tomy figures about 85 of them! and I'm bidding on a mew bouncy ball from Hasbro!

I just think that when my son is older he will love playing with the figures and keeping this and that in the boxes... if i let him! :D

I think for our card collection we have over 5,000 cards, they are currently packed away somewhere because sadly we have no room right now :(

My Mewtwo got a new job which is wonderful! but we are trying to pay off debt and my student loans so we live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment at least until next MARCH! :D  So there is no room for any extras so all of our Pokemon stuff except a few exclusively big stuffed animals and dvd's are at my parents house till we find a house of our own.  We will be debt free next March! which is exciting and scary at the same time. 

Now what would you put in a bedroom *this is for future reference and so I can start collecting items* for a water Pokemon themed room?  Also is there an Iris figure?  I plan on cosplaying her at the next convention and I always love to have a figure for what ever it is I cosplay!  My son... I'm not sure what Pokemon I should make him, Pikachu is so over done.. i want something cute, something a toddler can walk around it and not be too bulky and original! Any Ideas?

I'm also happy you were featured, brought me back from my long hibernation. :D  Well I'm back ya'll and i'll be sure to take some more pics of my items when I receive them!

Oh another question my Mewtwo reminded me off, does anyone have any of these for sale? 

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