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Pikachu cars!

Ok, I know I should really stop talking about my car already. There isn't a single person in my life that isn't sick of hearing about my Pikabug, really. HERE is the original story if you didn't see it. It's such an amazing car with such an amazing story. Anyway, onto what the point of this post was about!

Recently, I found a person that owns one of the other original 10 Pikachu cars. Click the cut for the full story and pictures!

Me and DJAwesome, the other Pikabug owner.

We talked online for a while, and I found out he was taking his Pikabug to Evillecon in Evansville, IN, which is only a couple hours from my house. Of course, I had to go! He was kind enough to make traces and measurements of the ears and tail, so I'll be able to get them made to look exactly like they originally did. We had so much fun! We parked the cars in front of the hotel where the con was at, and had a bunch of people squealing and take pictures, they were so excited to see the Pikachu cars. Several people asked about why mine had no ears and tail, and they were all very supportive and wanted updates on my car as it gets restored. One guy squealed and jumped up and down and took pictures with my car, saying how jealous all his friends would be. I had a Pikachu plush display in the backseat, and he wanted to know where I got each one. After a while we all got hungry, so we ordered pizza and decided to get the Pokemon blanket from my car, and have a picnic! I had a blast, I was a truly amazing day, and one that I will never forget. Now, more pictures...

I think this is my favorite shot of the day.

Tail. I didn't get a chance to steal it. Maybe next time.

Me: What do you think the cars are talking about? DJAwesome: Doesn't matter, yours can't hear it or reply. (har har, wonderful joke about my missing ears and mouth. Aint chu funny.)

Unfortunately, the day eventually came to an end, and we set out on the long journey home. Got recognized on the road quite a few times, one girl was yelling and nearly causing her dad to wreck so she could get a picture. This was the first con I took my Pikabug to, so it was really nice to get such a warm welcome! It'll be the first of many. I've already had a couple cons contact me about setting up a display for them. I'm so glad I found this beautiful little car, and that I have the honor of restoring it, even if it's taking longer than I think it should.

There are a few other pictures HERE and a very short video HERE. Thanks for reading my long post, several people had asked me for updates on the Pikabug. Unfortunately, the only thing I've been able to fix so far is getting it a new antenna ^^; but I'm sure I'll have real updates soon!

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