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Eeveelution postcards auction reminder + sales

Hey guys. This is my first and only reminder that my auction for the Eeveelution postcards will end at 9:00pm PST today. Click on the image below to be redirected to the auction.

By the way, I've added a couple more Pokedolls and items to my sales:

Emolga Pokedoll: $23
Scraggy PokeCen plushie: $23
Blitzle Pokedoll:$20
Whimsicott Pokedoll: $25
Litwick Pokedoll: $22
Victini Pokedoll: $22
Cubchoo Pokedoll: $20
Movie 14 keychains x 3: $10 each

Close-up of the Movie 14 keychains

Pokedolls stickers

Each are $6. (Munna, Axew and Emboar are $5 each) Get $0.50 off per each additional sticker you purchase.

Zekrom x 3
Reshiram x 3
Victini x 2
Tepig x 2
Snivy x 2
Serperior x 2
Samurott x 2
Emboar x 1
Scraggy x 2
Audino x 2
Cubchoo x 2
Axew x 2
Mincinno x 2
Munna x 2

Shipping for Pokedoll stickers is $1 within Canada, $1.50 within the US and $2 elsewhere.

*Prices in US Dollars.
*Prices do not include shipping.
*I will hold items for 24 hrs, but please don't put things on hold unless you intend to buy them.
*I reserve the right to not sell to you for any reasons such as rudeness to me or other members, bad feedbacks, etc.
*PP fees will be added upon checkout.

Below are the starting shipping prices (typically for one Pokedoll)
USA EuropeAustralia  World
Shipping Fee $3.50 $4.50 $5.00Leave a comment with your Country for shipping estimate

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