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Next Zukan Set?

I'm just curious, has the new set of zukan been announced yet? I'm mainly hoping for the Sandile, Joltik, and Swoobat lines, as well as Sawk and Emonga (with them i'd complete my Black team in zukan form.

and i was wondering if anyone was willing to sell the following charms: (hopefully not expensive)

- new pose Jolteon
- Vulpix/Ninetales (but mainly looking for Ninetales)
- Houndour/Houndoom (mainly Houndoom)
- Cynda line
- Infernape

i'm also collecting fire type pokemon in zukan form now, so does anyone have any?
currently i have these. if it's not listed here then it's a fire type i need ^_^:
- Cynda line
- Chimchar line
- Reshiram (1st zukan release)
- Tepig line
- Darumaka line

and are there any new canvas plush (or news of any on the way)?
Tags: charms, cyndaquil, houndoom, infernape, ninetales, wanted, zukan
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