P3nguina (p3nguina) wrote in pkmncollectors,


At last it is finally in my hands, my very own Dragonite Pokedoll!!

And also another package came in and some updates.

Man in order to get my Dragonite I had to be in a bidding war on eBay (my first ever!!). But it was worth every cent I paid because when I opened the box I swear I heard the heavens sing to me ^0^

I also got this kick-ass Groudon hat

And here they are together

So Cute!!

Also I'm expecting more packages to be coming in so look out for a collection update.
Update: Everyone who has recently purchased from me at least half of the packages have been shipped out and the other half should be shipped out no later than next week. (Sorry for the delay but please bare with me)

Tags: dragonite, groudon, sales
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