mew_luvs_mewtwo (mew_luvs_mewtwo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New stuff from target I found and questions.... its nearly midnight!

We went to Target to do some last minute birthday shopping for my son and we found pokemon stuff >.>  Yes its for my son >.> no i wont horde it for myself.  *pics*

what do you think?

Also someone on craigslist near me is selling some pokemon items books *I have pictures*  Can you tell me what they are and what you would pay just so i can get an idea in my head about what to do with it???  There is a never been opened plush gengar 7 dollars, not pictured that i'm already buying. But the rest I have no clue about, i want the books but i'm not quite sure what they are Help me?

^^^^^ These books? What are they are they chapterbooks?  IF they are they would be great for my son, she wants .50 for each think i should get them?

-Determined- they are infact chapterbooks!

she said these were between 1 and 3 dollars  what do you say to that?

Wth are these books? Especially What are the pokeball shaped books?

and what pikachu is this she want's 3 for the pikachu.

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