Amy (technicolorcage) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction reminder, sales, wanted

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! :D I just have a reminder for my sales and auctions going on. The auctions end tonight at 7pm 8pm CDT! I've got a double-sided Slowpoke keychain, a winter themed Mudkip strap, and a clear red Arcanine mini model. The rest of my sales that don't sell will be going into a large eBay lot, so please take a look! C:

Click the banner to be transported~

I also have a couple of wants for the comm... The first being the shiny Infernape kid!

I've already failed three times at getting this guy, and I'm starting to lose hope. :C

The Deerling Takara Tomy stamper

I haven't seen it anywhere until recently. Does anyone have any info on it? Nevermind, found it! XD

Annnd Smeargle tin!

I've seen many tins from this set on Y!J, but not Smeargle. This is one of the last pieces I need for my Smeargle collection, so any help would be greatly appreciated! <3 Found! A HUGE thank you to the wonderful akapahua! <3<3<3
Tags: arcanine, auction, infernape, mudkip, sales, slowpoke, smeargle, wanted
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