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Display Question + Wants

Hi there. Just had a simple question for people who like having their collections out on display...

I've been having a lot of trouble finding a good way to keep my plush on display. The issue's most likely being provoked by how I'm more of a "Gotta Plush 'em All" kind of collector rather than zoning in on specific species / characters like I see a lot of you guys do.

I originally had them all "rainbowphetized" ( red to purple, left to right )... This worked out pretty well in the beginning when I only had, like, twenty plushies or so, but then as my collection progressively got bigger, it got a lot more difficult to try and sort them like that. With it now consuming multiple shelves, the rainbow effect just... Doesn't work anymore, both because it just looks silly without a full rainbow and because I end up angsting about the different hues/shades/whateverthehecktherightwordisforthis in the transition through colors.

So afterwards I tried sorting them by generation. Functionally, it works a lot better, but aesthetically, it's hideous. Shelving them's also kind of hard as well just because of how, generationally, my 'mons are distributed. As an example, I've got a lot of 'mons from Unova, but they're all around the same size, so stacking them's a problem; the Sinnoh 'mons also take up a substantially larger amount of space than the others due to how pretty much all of my 'mons seem to gravitate towards that generation.

So my most recent attempt at sorting them was by typing. It... KINDA works, since in most instances 'mons of the same type are within similar color ranges ( Though Normal and Psychic types make me wanna throw 'em all against a wall. Make up your damned mind with colors >:1 ), but it just looks more like blobs of colors splattered against a couple of walls than anything else, really... That and dual typings make everything so much more complicated than they need be.

Long story short / TL;DR, for people who endeavor to collect lots of different things, how do you prefer / find it best to try and categorize your belongings for display? Trying to find something that works and would like to know what others think is most effective for their own display endeavors.

As per wants.. While I'm more of an "All of the Species" kind of person, I'm trying to hunt down the ones I especially like first. To that end, I'm looking for plush of the following species...

( Apologies about the ones that look weird... I was gonna post 'em all as separate .gifs here but then realized that probably wasn't the best idea, so I just PrtScrn'd it. )

I'm REALLY not specific about my wants, the only real specific being that they're not, like, limp ragdolls or something that if you pick 'em up their innards all sag downwards. ( For better examples, if you ever owned or held a Beanie Baby, imagine what'd happen if you picked up by its belly with two fingers. The Spheal in this picture's guilty of it as well. ... )

So yeah, if any of you guys have one or more of 'em for sale (and the permission to do so), or can point me in the direction of someone who does, I guess just lemme know?
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