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Kanto pins GA is in + collection update!

Ebay's estimate had these arriving another week from now, but surprise! Kanto pins GA is in :D Click the cut for shipping payments, photos, and leftovers for sale!

Shipping! This was an eBay auction, so only two payments! Everyone already paid the first payment because everyone is awesome. Shipping for US folks will be $2.40 and shipping for international pals will be $3.70 to becky_1229[at] C: Here's a handy dandy list of participants, plus a few exceptions for people in my other auctions last week.

alchemillapkmn Cubone, Pidgeotto $4.40 with Cubone stamp from auction
jerybunny Charmander $6.40 with stamps x2 from auction
caryh Koffing $4.40 with Caterpie
rainyan Raichu x2
anthonyjg10 Blastoise, Squirtle

jujufox Meowth
sugar0coated Charizard
aburamechan Graveler, Starmie
placetohide Beedrill, Weedle
nasija Horsea
raikovladi92 Gyarados
irethsune Bulbasaur
kassia9 Onix

On to the photos (and extras!)

I just want to take a minute to appreciate the fact that Ash is wearing a bunch of these pins in the art on the cardboard display.

ohmygod PINS
(you guys are totally welcome to just not pay shipping on your pins, I'd be happy to keep them! Gosh I love little metal pins and charms like these *u*)

An example of the back - looks like these are Korean and not Japanese as the auction had said! Neat!

Unless otherwise noted, all of these are claimed!

As you can see from Bulbasaur, some of these have sun fading on the colored paper backs, but they're otherwise fantastic and from what I can tell the pins themselves aren't affected by sun at all. Neat!
Venusaur is available for $2! (On hold!)

Jigglypuff is available for $2!

Butterfree is available for $3!

Both Pikachu are available for $2 each! (Far right Pika is sold!)

Wait, what's that!? A Vulpix collection update?? I can't remember the last time I had one of those! Excitement!!

Well first I have to show off the whole reason I ran that pin GA! Precious little Korean Vulpix pin :D

Back in his box and ready to be displayed with the rest of the family!

These guys aren't new, but I thought it'd be a nice chance to show off some of my 'not seen very often because they're crammed in a corner' Vulpix things. Here we have a stamp .. pin, the 151 pin, and a terribly blurry Vulpix pin from one of the gym leader pin sets!

Alright, back to new gets! No idea why Vulpix is next to a master ball in this stamp. Run, 'pix, run!

This is one of those things that I'm kind of surprised I never had before! My marble isn't in the best condition but it's still fantastic! I'd like to eventually get some of the other colors these came in.

Shhh, do you hear that?

That faint jingly sound?

But ShinyV, you already have a Vulpix bell plush! Could it be..?

aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA SHINY JINGLE BABY *u* So shiny, so wonderful, so perfect down to the shimmery fabric and little bell on her head! This is The Princess, made by the amazing and incredibly talented flag! I've been watching flag's fantastic customs for a while, crossing my fingers and hoping no one would requiest a shiny 'pix before I could. And aaa, at last! So ridiculously pleased to have this join my collection! Thank you so much, flag ;u;


Those matching tails and curls *u*

The Princess takes her place with her fellow shiny friends, tinyshiny by cwignet and shinykid by pheonixxfoxx :D

Speaking of shiny friends..

This is Bigpix, ruler of my collection and The Favorite by default. With him is His Highness, who thinks he is the ruler of my collection. He has a gorgeous face and lovely ears but not much of a body, so I imagine he has a bit of a Napoleon complex.

A challenger approaches..!

And thus, His Highness and The Princess joined forces in an attempt to overthrow Bigpix. (They were unsuccessful, but now they are bffs.)

Yo, Bigpix! Show off your pretty face!

The most perfect face in all of Pixdom!

And now I am going to spam you just a little bit more with some updated shots of my Vulpix collection!

And that concludes my collection update/minor re-intro for today! Thanks for reading! :D

Aaand finally, tiny obligatory sales bump! Unsold stuff from my auctions have been added and prices dropped. Feel free to haggle! C: Also, does anyone have a Snivy line zukan for sale? Let me know! I'd like to pay $8-10 if that sounds alright.
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