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Payment needed for dx land gb!

Ok! So even though all blocks arent claimed im going ahead with this! Ill just front the mullah for the other blocks that need claims :D
Although if anyone is interested in: The DX Land Playset, Pikachu, Piplup or Palkia blocks, they are still up for grabs! Just comment for claims! 

Original post here:

please send payments to

please include your name and 'megablok group buy' or something along them lines in the memo <3

Totals are below with included pp fees.


kassia9 : Spiritomb, Rotom  paid
spideyroxas : Turtwig $5.33
danielsard2: Gible $5.33
technicolorcage : Chimchar $5.33
hebilea: Riolu $5.33
shirohikarikaze: leafeon, glaceon, gallade  paid
lone_enigma : Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Girantina, Darkrai  $25.44
nasija : heatran $5.33
myvampirelust19 : shinx   paid
cluw dialga paid

Still need claims

DX Land playset $6
Pikachu $4.84
Piplup $4.84
Palkia $4.84

Tags: group auction, payments
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