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Oh-man-I-thought-I-was-done-but-am-not-Sales!(also known as found a grail sales*-*)

Without wasting much time, I'd like to come to point.^^ (And sorry again for posting sales threads so frequently lately. Please let me know if I annoy you!)

I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

Chikorita Walky Plush keychain NWT 16$ shipped
Piplup Pokedoll(japanese minky one) 22$ shipped
Teddiursa Pokemon Time figure strap(with Sneasel bookmark) 10$shipped
Smoochum Pokemon Time figure strap(with Smoochum bookmark :D) 10$ shipped

As for the meme, I can't think of something good... Terribly sleepy>.<  Maybe...oh yeah! If you could change one thing about the Pokemon-franchise, what would it be? I for my part, would like it if gamefreak started making like 2 versions of pokemon. One that still targets their usual audience and the other would be a little more mature and maybe a bit darker? for the older pokemon fans. We all grow up after all, and as much I enjoy the games, I think there's huge potential for a more mature take on them as well!

edit: Sales were edited with a clearer picture, Turtwig was excluded as he sold already. Thanks  guys<3

Tags: canvas, chikorita, piplup, pokecen, sales, smoochum, turtwig
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