littlezorua (littlezorua) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for...

...Tomy Furret!

Yes I know, it's pretty much wanted by a lot of us.  I guessed it gained the 'grail' status since I can't find one anywhere.

Since I'm low on funds at the moment, I would like to propose some plushies for trade.

So here's what I'm offering:

-Typhlosion UFO
-Luxray UFO (smaller, non-shiny one)
-Vaporeon Canvas (maybe)
-Eevee Tomy Plush (click on my username to see it on my LJ page)
-Charizard UFO
-Charizard Pokedoll MWT
-Giratina Pokedoll MWT
-Pikachu Canvas MWT
-Houndour Pokedoll (no tags)
-Absol Pokedoll (tush tag only)
-Leafeon Pokedoll MWT

I'm currently bidding on a Budew Pokedoll MWT, so that might be up for offer also soon.

Also if you are looking for a particular plush not listed here, I might have it, so just ask!

I might trade several plushies for Furret.

Thank you guys! ^^

Tags: wanted
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