jeffyisaraichu (jeffyisaraichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants + A Few Questions

It's been a long while since I posted here (I think my last post was in February?) so I thought I would post my wants list (don't have tons of money but I have some ;o)). My camera is currently MIA so I can't post pictures of my collection (it has grown A LOT). so here are my two wants lists. I should be able to trade soon; I just need one more positive feedback.
EDIT: I have 10 positive feedbacks now so I can trade!!!!

ther Stuff

Now for my questions

1. I was just wondering if there was the second payment for the big marill GA yet (just hope I didn't miss it! I believe pokepalace was hosting it with someone else (can't remember their username atm)?)

2. Has ANYONE seen the new Jakks plush in a store near them? I'm not really looking for pickups, I just want to know if anyone has seen them. I look every time I go to the store and they never seem to have them ;-;

Got them answered
I think that's it from me today thank you for any help >^.^<.

Tags: jakks, wanted
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