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Returning to Pokemon

Hello everybody! It's been a while since I was last active in the Pokemon community. I was crazy involved for a solid year or so and then felt like I needed a break. Long story made short, I stopped enjoying Pokemon. I sold off pretty much everything I had strived to collect and figured I would never look back.
Well, I did. XD I got my hands on my copy of Pokemon White ( which I still have yet to finish but it's coming along ) and was reminded just how much I enjoyed Pokemon and this community.
Sorry to say that I don't have much of a collection left to share these days.. but maybe a story will do?

I was never really a Piplup collector. To be honest, I never gave that little water bird much of a thought. I prefer grass types so the allure of a water Pokemon was lost on me. Anyhoot, I do love birds in general, so when I saw a Piplup pokedoll for auction on a GA I worked hard to win him. It seemed to take no time at all for him to arrive to me in the mail. I snuggled and squeezed him then put him right up on the shelf with the rest of my collection. There he sat, cute as a button, doing not much else to speak of save for holding up other plushies with his head. Well, last August, the family was going on a camping trip. I got a wild hair and decided to take Piplup with me. I put him in my travel bag and off we went. I managed to take some pictures of the trip.

Piplup riding in my Mom's purse :

Piplup looking snazzy :

Piplup doing puzzles :

Piplup trying to make puzzles easier :

Well, when I got home, I put Piplup back on the shelf. Uploaded the photos and forgot about the whole thing as the days went by. When it came time to make the decision to sell my collection I laid everything out for sale including my Piplup. There was so much and, what didn't end up selling, I bagged up and threw into my closet for another sale at some point. Months later, when I saw those photos on my computer, I remembered my little Piplup and decided to go digging for him again... but I couldn't find him. I tore my closet apart. Dresser too. Everywhere I could think of. I kept telling myself that I couldn't have been that foolish as to sell him. I wouldn't have done that.. Right? Eventually, after much frantic digging, I gave up. I cried because I thought I had sold him for certain and that I would never get to see him again.
Lo and behold, just this afternoon, I went through some of old bags in my closet. Stashed into a colorful bag full of wedding photos and birthday cards was my little Piplup. I squeezed him so tightly. I now carry him in my purse as my devoted travel buddy. I even named him : Brewster.

So that's my story. It's not much but I suppose it's as good of a re-introduction as any. I am so happy to be back!

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