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Tiny teeny Dratini collection! =P

Hello community! I come with a very small collection update! It's my Dratini plush collection! =D

While I love Dragonair more, I really love Dratini as well. Pictured here are the Applause Dratini Plush I got as a kid (left) and a Dratini Friends plush I got on eBay (right). I think I got the Friends plush for a good price as well, as I think it can go for much more. =O

I plan on completing my Dratini plush collection, but I know the hardest to find will be the Dratini Bell Plush. I know there's one in an active GA right now, buuuuuut there's someone who really wants it and I wouldn't want to be competition for them. ^^;

But I'm sure the Taffeta and KFC Dratinis won't be extremely hard to get. =P

And that's about it. Thanks for looking! <3

Tags: collection, dratini, plush
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