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Pikachu 3D Puzzle

Hi ^_^ Coming out of lurkdom to inquire about something I saw.

Pikachu 3D Puzzle

Does anyone know or have personal experience or better yet pictures of this? I'm interested in getting one and I'm wondering how seamless it is when assembled. I tried checking out some old entries with pikachu's tag but didn't see anything. Do point me in your direction if you posted about this and I just missed it.

EDIT: Oops, my bad! I thought this had already released. Apparently it's just about to release around April 25 XD No wonder I couldn't find any info. Man, I can't decide. I already got UDF Stitch so I don't want to add more to my purchases this month, but it's kinda cheap at 740yen so I want to try :( You know you're badly broke when you're quibbling over a few hundred yen ><;;

On a related note, I just had to share the experience. I was at a local convention and saw a Walking Pichu plush! It was absolutely one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!! You know how walking toys can sometimes be more disturbing than adorable? This one was hands down just too freaking adorable *_* My friend and I were squealing so much over it, even the guys standing around the store were exclaiming at how cute it was when they saw it walking :D I didn't get it coz I'm sorta on a permanent plush hiatus and I'm not a big fan of Pichu, but I was soooo tempted XD

I don't have a vid camera so I couldn't record it, but there are vids floating around in youtube if you wanna see him in action :D
Tags: info, pichu, pikachu
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