Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

two quick notes!!!

1) PLEASE check the negative feedback thread for someone's name before you give them money or offer to hold items for them/etc.

2) There's been an increasing number of people contacting me privately to ask me to in some way "fix" their bad transaction... help them get money back, contact someone who is ignoring them, etc. This is really not our job as mods here, and I've felt a bit overwhemled by the requests sometimes. Your trasactions are your OWN buisness and we can give advice with the rules and guidelines we have but the mods DO NOT control your sales and policies.

YOUR goods, YOUR money, YOUR transaction = YOUR responsibility!

however i would like to say: a few very reliable members have had complaints about them due to missing packages/post office malfunctions/no refunds/etc. the complaints stem from the customer being ignored.

don't ignore your customers guys ;-; please write them back. i am the 100% worst person in the world at replying to things, so i know it can be hard! but try for OUR SAKE!!! :D

in other news. MAGNEZONE pokemon kids was announced. why dont they announce his plush and get it over with? :D
Tags: modpost
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