torrid_phoenix (torrid_phoenix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

How long to wait before filing a Pokeplush Paypal dispute?

Hi, guys! I come to you with...yet another question (I'm really starting to feel like a noob amongst you experts, haha).

I bought this lot on eBay for $200 + $15 shipping (ignore the Hello Kitty and Stitch...gotta get rid of 'em). The payment cleared on the 6th of this month, but it has not yet arrived. I contact the seller and she responds very slowly (by my standards, but then again, I check messages multiple times every day), but she does respond. She always says that the package should arrive soon. I asked her for a tracking number, but she says that she doesn't have one. I figured that it should have been here by 2 weeks, considering that she's shipping from the US. I'm considering opening a PayPal dispute if the package doesn't arrive by Friday or Saturday. My questions to you are:
  • How long should I wait before filing a Paypal dispute? Am I being too hasty?
  • What kind of seller doesn't get a tracking number of any kind? I thought this was the norm. Is this kind of suspicious?
  •  Is two weeks reasonable/typical for a lot this large coming from a domestic seller? I've never dealt with a package this large, so I'm not sure
  • All of these plush are supposedly MWT (save for the Luxray and Absol, which are booties). Considering that there is a Canvas Vulpix and Growlithe in the lot, was this too good of a deal to be real? (Keep in mind I paid $215)
Thanks so much for helping me, you guys. Sorry if I'm a nuisance. ;A; I just have so many questions! And never at the same time! >___<; Maybe I need to ask them all and get them out of my system and then I won't post so often...haha.

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