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Hi everyone! First off, to everyone who ordered from my sales/auctions, all packages have been sent except for five (which will be going out tomorrow/Saturday). What I really wanted to talk about today is:

Japanese Versus European Zukan.

I know many of us buy and sell zukan, as well as collect them either as a series or parts of our species or type focused collections, so it can be frustrating to suddenly have a zukan show up that just doesn't fit in. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what zukan won't match your collection, though! I've noticed many members inquiring as to whether a zukan is Japanese or European, and instantly passing on opportunities when it's discovered the piece in question is European.

After some quick research, I can tell you all that there isn't any discernible difference between Japanese and European zukan up until European set 7, at which point Tomy Yujin Europe switched to a glossy plastic, as well as removed three pokemon from set 8, presumeably as cost cutting measures. I've examined and compared my own zukan from Japan to my zukan from EU sets 1, 3, and 6, and all plastics are the same, as well as all copyright information and pokemon names, as the same molds were used. Zukan Ranger lists EU sets 1-4, and I've written down sets 5-8 below the cut, copied from Tomy Yujin Europe's website - if any more EU zukan have been released or you can disprove me, please let me know!

Pokemon Evolution 5: Palkia Edition contains:
Sneasel line
Bonsly line
Mime Jr line
Sinnoh starters

Pokemon Evolution 6: Dialga Edition contains:
Chimchar line
Elekid line
Budew / Roselia
Buneary line
Eevee / Leafeon / Glaceon

Pokemon Evolution 7: Giratina Edition contains:
***This set switched to glossy plastic!!!***
Swinub line
Gligar line
Shieldon line
Origin Giratina

Pokemon Evolution 8: Regigigas Edition contains:
***This set has glossy plastic!!!***
Mareep line
Tangela line
Rotom / Frost Rotom (does not contain Fan Rotom)
Bidoof line (does not contain Pachirisu)
Misdreavus line (does not contain Shuckle)

Other sets produced by TYE are the Blockbuster zukan (two sets), MD2 buildables, and Legendary figures, but all of these are regular (matte) plastic. The Legendary figures are not zukan, as they are not 1/40 scale, and the Blockbuster sets are also not at 1/40 scale.
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