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[Collection Update!]

Hey again everyone!

As a collector, not just of Pokemon but many other things, I can happily say that getting stuff in the mail, as opposed to seeing it on a computer screen is the best thing ever.

Seriously, am I the only daft one who feels all ''fluffy' when she's opening packages that contain tiny figures and cards of creatures that are fictitious? x3;;

Today I got a truckload of packages! And they all contained Pokemon! ^___^ So I have a Collection update for you guys! (and naturally, some more sales xD) I received packages from [info]happyjolteon ,[info]regen and [info]rocketharuka !

Well I did warn you xDD

All my pretty packages opened ^__^ I know the Dairy Milk Buttons aren't Pokemon, but hey, they brought a Manaphy with them, and they're BUTTONS! They have a right to be in the picture because they are yummy ^o^ Also my Mai-Otome earrings are in there, but they won't be included in this post obviously xD;;

The Ledyba/Spinarak Zukan and a Mantyke kid from[info]rocketharuka ! These were actually bought by[info]kiraras_lemon and shipped to me, the Mantyke kid was for me all along, and Kiraras was planning on keeping the zukan, but when I showed her, she eventually ended up giving it to me! (Since her collection is my collection and vice versa) ;-; Ledian is so cool XDD I don't like Ariados so I had Ledyba's big butt hide it <33 Also. In this package was my first ever Pokemon Center bag! Happy me =D

Here we have a package from[info]happyjolteon ! After much anticipation I finally have my first Flygon merch(not including the pan sticker xD)! Here we have the Flygon pokedex figure (that is so tiny and baffle me a bit with it's peg xD) Piplip and Turtwig phone charms, a big Flygon keychain and the Riolu chou get in the gashapon capulse (He sadly has the wrong base at the moment so I'm keeping him safe in there ^_^) Also, a Manaphy phone charm! But this was from a friend back here in the UK and not from[info]happyjolteon .  I'm not a Manaphy fan but I can't bear to part with this one, my friend is so sweet x33

Next up! The Castform zukan and the Shuppet/Banette zukan! I bought these from a German seller on ebay. I didn't expect them to arrive so quickly =O They're so tiny! And Shuppet is so cheeky x3 Adorable! I love these but the paint job on Shuppet isn't amazing so I have to say I'm a little disappointed =< I'm guessing it's a mass-production defect, but does anyone else have a paint defect on their Shuppet zukan?

Here we have my package from[info]regen -san! So many freebies ;-; I also included the Pichu and Togetic (Friends?) Plushes that kiraras_lemon won off Y!J and gave to me in this image ^_^ (Since I hadn't shown them off yet xD) Somehow I wound up with a second Celebi kid?! I was worried I'd end up with a double of something xD But I like Celebi so it's good ^^ I also have the Jirachi Movie sticker booklet/illustrated guide. And the Lucario, Bonsly, Jirachi and Celebi pencil toppers. Adorable! Bonsly is usual xD The freebie cards are also awesome! Especially that one with Celebi on it; it's awesome to see all the starters together <33 There is a close-up of the toppers and the top three cards here ^_^

Now then. Who wants to see my Pokemon shelves? XD My collection on display from left to right ^^

From left to right: Ledyba/Spinarak Zukan, Togepi/Togetic zukan, Starters zukan, Cyndaquil zukan, Castform zukan, Jirachi pencil topper, Shuppet zukan, Flygon pokedex.

From left to right again: My Lucario/Riolu collection! The Lucario pencil topper, the zukan, Riolu kid and a random pokeball Lucario at the back. Then my Bonsly collection: The pencil topper, zukan, Jakks fig, Kid and pokeball fig at the back, and the chou get in front ^^ The my Mantyke collection and randoms. Poliwag kid, random small Oddish fig, Mantkye pokeball fig and Jakks at the back, Mantyke kid, Dragonair kid, Raichu V-trainer at the back, Kecleon kid. Then my small (thus far) Celebi collection; the zukan, pencil topper and one of my two kids ^^ Also that awesome movie card behind xD

And THIS is how I display my phone charms/keyrings ^_^

Lugia at the top, Celebi, Togepi, Turtwig and Piplup, the Riolu and Manaphy. I forgot that Flygon was hung on the other side of the shelf ;-;

Now finally, my updated card collection XDD I bough two lots off Ebay =D Although I'm still waiting for a few small cards to arrive. A few of my cards are currently on loan to [info]kiraras_lemon for a Pokemon card tournament ^^

First image: Holos and Japanese cards, also the fake Flygon. I will sell the Shiftry if you're interested. Second image: Ralts, Shuppet, Duskull, Sableye, Cyndaquil, Chinchou and others. Third image: Aron, Trapinch, Larvitar, Lotad, Poliwag, Luvdisk, Slowpoke and others.

First Image: Bonsly, Burmy, Cacnea, Shuckle, Ledyba, Hoppip and others. Second Image: Togetic Holo I forgot to include in the very first image, Whismur, Swablue, Vibrava, Nidoran (male), and others. I'm considering selling all but Togetic, Whismur, Swablu and Vibrava.

And after all that spam. More sales! A lot is carried over from my previous posts, but there are a lot of new cards so please have a look!

All of these are brand new! I have doubles of Girafarig, Shieldon and Doduo. All the Unowns are different.

The two Trainer cards are currently on hold for kiraras_lemon but everything else is up for grabs!

I don't know how much cards generally go for, so I'll start at $1 for every card-Except for the Magmortar Reverse Holo and Gabite Holo which will start at $3-$4 each! If you think that's too much don't hesitate to haggle with me!) $40 for the lot!(That's a $20  discount @_@)  If you buy a significant amount of cards I will happily do a discount ^_^

I still have the following for sale:

2 Aipom Screen Cleaners $4 each

1 Torterra Phone Charm
2 Mudkip Phone Charms
1 Chimchar Phone Charm
$4 each!

I do ship internationally =33 And I will take paypal fees into account; $0.50 per transaction Please don't hesitate to haggle if you see something you want! I'm new here (obviously) and I'm not really sure how much stuff should go for, so please let me know if you think I'm charging too much for something.

And that's all I have! I'm still expecting lots of packages so you'll be hearing from me a lot! XD Take care everyone! 
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