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Johto Dex GA Update, some gets, and a collectors Question!

First! If you have paid for your charm shipping already then they have been shipped or will be shipped today!

If your shipping address was in the US, Delivery Confirmation was included though PayPal, so you can see the progress of your package!

To those outside the US I am going to the PO today to fill out customs forms and ship; PayPal wanted like $30 a package to print international labels! Outrageous.

I still need payment from : Theevilpotato, Blackspiritwolf, Allinia, Shortcakemiddy, Myvampirelust19+Spider, Kalhel, and Gothybeans.

(If somehow i just overlooked your payment please PM me! Thanks)

You can find the payment spreadsheets here: Payment Post!

AND! Collection Update!
My shelf is getting awfully full!

First up is this BAG! OMG I LOVE this bag.

Did I say I LOVE THIS BAG? Cuz I do. Just look at all the cute little items all over it! AND DITTO! Helloooooooo, amaaaazing!
I've decided to make it my new crocheting bag! Carries plenty of yarn and hooks :)

... eeek psyduck watering can!

The bag also came with this HUGE sheet of stickers. they have a neat paper-like texture though I have NO idea what I would do with these. They are too pretty to use...

Next a super neato DSi cover!

It has lots of my fav pokes on it!~ QUAGSIRE, Lapras, Vaporeon, Kingdra, Suicune! I was dumb though and was excited to put it on my DS... only to remeber my old DS is a "Light" not an "i" ... so I went on ebay and found the right sized one, and found a good use for this one:

Fits very nicely in my little display boxes! Now its a cute background to my quagy kids.


Big-Ol' Quagsire Pillow Plush! I lub it! LOL he is made of like a small pill terrycloth too, super cute and snuggly.
I'm not a huge fan of the "blanket" it looks more like a diaper to me lol... but overall i love it and I was super glad to get one!
Though It really dosn't fit well on my collection shelf. I'm not too sure what I want to do w/my collection display but it deff needs a change ... :\ I cant even have my 1:1 dittochu out because its so big and I have no place to put it... I may have to sell it but I'm so conflicted about it.

and last but not least:

This cute little diorama is made of porslin and has a DITTO ROCK lul. so silly.

and just for fun, i saw a real life Quagy at the pet store:

NEWT! lol <3

Also, I have a question for all yall.
So, I'm getting to the point where I have ALMOST everything that I want/there is of Quagsire (I don't collect flats), and I'm contemplating either down-sizing or backing-off on the ditto side of the collection, because while i like him, there is SO Much merch and its so expensive that I feel guilty buying it sometimes. Plus I got all the stuff I REALLY wanted.

My question is, what do you do when your collection is "complete?"

I feel that the release of new/more quagsire stuff is far fetched, but I really enjoy having a particular pokemon to look for and buy! And I'm starting to lose direction and just buy whatever i think is cute... which is a lot of things and not really what i want for my "collection" lol... its just so compulsive now that I don't have a specific collecting goal.

My first thought was to start a Toxicroak collection but there is almost no merch of him, and I dont really like coragunk... Then I thought Lapras but she has so much competition!

When my BF saw my quag and ditto zukan he loved them and told me i should collect those... but then I explained to him that some go for hundreds of $ and are like impossible to find.... Sigh

I guess I just don't know what I want to do now! *Collectors Angst*

p.s. if you want to see the rest of my collection you can find it here: My Journal
and if you have any info on an item that I didn't have up please feel free to comment and fill me in!

Thanks everyone!
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