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Eeveelution Auctions

(First a quick reminder: please vote for a new banner if you haven't already!  I'll likely close voting at some point tomorrow so get your votes in :D)

Over the past couple of months I've acquired quite a handful of Eeveelution items - I'm hoping to focus more on my favorite Eeveelus, so I'm weeding out my doubles and less favorites.  My biggest Eeveelution want is a Jolteon Canvas MWT, three times now I've been offered a trade for one but the other people dropped out at the last second.  Jolteon keeps on eluding me!  I'd gladly trade any of the three canvas I have for auction below for one.

Auctions will end in one week, next Saturday April 28th at 1PM EST (countdown)

Auctions have ended and all items have been shipped!

Items that have been sold are screened, all other items without bids are still open for sale/offers.

A small minority of items are for straight sale, please double check what the item says before commenting/bidding :)

Auctions/Sales Rules:
- I ship from the US
- Paypal only
- Insurance is optional, but recommended - I'm not responsible for packages once they leave my hands!
- Please discuss with me beforehand if you will not be able to pay right away, otherwise all payments are due at the end of the auction
- Please bid in at least $1 increments
- All pkmncollectors auction rules apply (including no sniping)

**I would much prefer to trade one of these for a Jolteon Canvas, if someone offers me a trade bidding will end on the Canvas they want!!**
Umbreon Canvas MWT - Starts at $130
Leafeon Canvas MWT - Starts at $100
Espeon Canvas MWT - Starts at $130

Lying Glaceon Beanie MWT - Starts at $45
Japanese Minky Umbreon Pokedoll MWT (2009) - Starts at $50
Vaporeon American Velboa Pokedoll (2007, tush tag only) - Starts at $30

Espeon Custom Plush (by herar) - straight sale at $10

Espeon Chou Get - Starts at $7
Espeon Pencil Topper - Starts at $10
Umbreon Pencil Topper - Starts at $10
Umbreon Chou Get - Starts at $7

Espeon Chupa (NIP, comes with Master Ball) - Starts at $30
Espeon Keshipoke (NIP, comes with Pokeball) - Starts at $15

Umbreon Chupa (NIP, comes with Ultra Ball) - Starts at $30

Golden Espeon Chou Get - Starts at $12
Golden Umbreon Chou Get - Starts at $12

Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon Pokemon Time Eraser Stick - Starts at $15
NIP Eevee/Umbreon/Espeon Zukan - Starts at $50

I also have these two 2009 charms - I don't want to put them up for auction just yet as I'm rather attached to them, but I'd gladly trade for a Jolteon 2009 Johto charm or round charm!

Please wait for all threads to go up before bidding Bid to your heart's content ♥
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