larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

RE: Anime Raro?

Hey guys!

I heard some good things about Anime Raro and am keen on some of their items, was wondering what the community thinks about this seller and his prices? Do share your experiences with me. I'm curious how fast they ship, customer service etc etc. Their shipping prices within the US seem amazing although it doesn't benefit me much even in Canada heh. and the prices of the actual plush (examples: I <3 Pikachu, MPCs) are surprisingly affordable and fair!

Specifically, I am quite curious as to his speed of stocking new merchandise. He seems very up-to-date - the star-Pikachu seems fairly recent but I do not see e.g. Palpitoad MPC in the shop.

EDIT: Seems the majority feel shipping is fast and prices are great, but feedback system is lacking and communication can be improved. I'd definitely try them for my older BW Banpresto prize item wants and other I <3 Pikachu and MPC needs!

Thanks for reading!
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