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Collection Weeding Part Two!

Hey, everyone! Here's some more collection weeding from me! (The next post from me will be my con gets that I got from the last two conventions that I had worked!) Plus I need some more cash for the end of the month with ACen and my phone bill coming up! Haha

sales banner

I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11

I ship from Beloit, WI
Shipping(Including fees and such) starts at $2.50 for domestic, starts at $3.50 for international (unless only buying flats)
Paypal Only, NO e-checks.
If you don't like a price, please feel free to offer :)
Once things have been mailed out, I am not responsible for lost packages!
Also, I do have a cat and dogs!
Please ask if there is anything I have left out! :)

$1 a piece

Side 1
Side 2
Spice packet - $1

3D cards - $2

Manapy car - $2
Slowking tomy (has scratches and scrapes on back) - $2
Clear Slowbro kid - $3 HOLD
Ash kid (a little dirty) - $2 SOLD
Bootleg? Mewtwo (he came in a lot with other legit things, but he's beat up and dirty..) - $.50

Gold Ho-Oh - $2
Silver Totodile - $2

Baseless chou get Lugia - $2
Kabuto - $1
Mr. Mime - $.50 SOLD
Skarmory - $1 a piece

Things can be combined with items from my last sales post

I also have non-pokemon sales in my journal

Tags: bellsprout, gloom, happiny, hippopotas, ho-oh, kabuto, lugia, machamp, magnemite, manaphy, mewtwo, minccino, mr. mime, nidoqueen, nidorina, oddish, people, quagsire, sales, skarmory, slowbro, slowking, snover, spearow, torterra, totodile, vileplume, weepinbell
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