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Custom slots open!

Gonna give this another shot. It didn't really go over so well the first time but I've had some people showing interest lately, so I figure why not? xD


I'm opening up some slots for custom figures! c= Click the banner below, to see some examples of my work and other details!


I received sales permission on December 20th 2011 from entirelycliched and my feedback can be viewed here.


-Figures vary around 1-2 inches in height.

-I sculpt using Crayola Model Magic.

-Please allow up to three weeks for me to finish! I have other responsibilities to deal with, and sometimes the clay likes to be difficult and take about a half a week to properly air dry itself. xD

-I ship from NY, USA. Base price does not include shipping. However the figures tend to be very lightweight!

-Please don't ask me to do shinys! I only do them under special circumstances.


My prices start at $10 and then go either UP or DOWN based on COMPLEXITY. For example. I would charge $8 for a weedle, $10 for a pidgey and $15 for a Zigzagoon. Please keep that in mind. c= There's no problem with asking me for a quote on a specific Pokemon before hand!


1) sugar0coated -Sleepy Eevee and Sleepy Jolteon

2) becky_girl92 -Mewtwo

3) kassia9 -Custom Zubat & Wingull (TRADE)




I'm also selling some premade figures! If you're interested in Mincinno, Larvitar, Spheal, Diglett or Driftloon, drop me a comment! (Click the names to be transported to pictures!)

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