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Trade/ sales

I decided since it is time for spring cleaning to clean a few things out from my collection and replace them for something new that I would like better
rules & such

- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- payment expected asap within 3 days unless you ask if you can send it in however many days then payment is expected that day or the item is put back up for sale also say when payment is sent
My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched
- can haggle
- buyer ships first then I ship 
Things I would like to trade for
most ANYTHING Dragonite I don't have or dratini or dragonair
something from my wants list 
something dragon type related preferable not flats
something shiny pokemon related

this is all for trade the larger squares are 3d cards the cards are topps cards and the others are stickers

2005 Japanese Latias Pokedoll (need something good to part with him) and all others except pachiresu are for trade pachiresu is 8$

Large hanging Primary ball for trade (this took a LONG time to make) also I can take commisions on these and can possible do some other pokeballs

Watches are 3$ and how to draw book is for trade or 1$

Mini customs are 10$ ditto is double sided necklace with shiny and regular version 12$ all but ditto are for trade also

Customs will take partial trade all but eevee is 20$ eevee is 25$ because it took extra long to make the fluff on him
MINT in box inner tub never opened

Tags: sales
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