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a very long overdue collection update

Gosh it's been sooo long since i did one of these D: real life is a pain for getting in the way :/
isince it's been a while i reckon it might be nice to re-introduce myself :D

My name is kirsty :)
i'm 20 (21 in 3 weeks, yay! :D) and from scoltand :D
My favourite pokemon is Ninetales <3 closley followed by sawsbuck :)
my favourite type of pokemon is fire closely followed by dark :)

I've gathered so much since the last time i made an update that i figured it might make it less time consuming/tedious by showing the customs i got and everything else in a full collection pic :) this way anyone who'd like to know me and my collection can see everything :D

First up is a custom i won in an auction ages ago :) She was made by the wonderful cwinget :D
Her name is Cupcake <3 (i have a slight obsession with these marvelous sweet treats xD)

She is a beautiful Lil' fire fox with movable limbs and head :D

Cupcake with a cupcake x) nom tiem

Next we have three beautiful bell plush i won in an auction held by the highly talented flag :D

Here we have Thistle, Rannoch and Blitzen :D (any one thta has read "fire bringer" will know where the first two names come from :D)

Thistle :) (the summer sawsbuck antlers always remind me of thistle leaves so i figured the name was perfect xD)

Rannoch :) autumn sawsbuck always looks quite noble with his huge draping antlers xD

Blitzen, these guys are so beautiful, the paint work is absolutely stunning :)

Next are more beautiful stags made by the wonderful black wolf heart from DA :D his work is fantastic and of great quality :) there is also no limit to the size of plush he'll make (seriously check out this guys big buck :D if i had the money i soo would :D ) and he'll pretty much make anything, or at least give it a try :D

First up is my spring  sawsbuck Renly (Game of thrones fans will know why he's called this :D ) he was commissioned a few months before i decided i wanted the rest :)

Next is Thistle :)

And Now Rannoch :D I asked Black - wolfheart to paint and oak leaf on his head exactly like the one from fire bringer :)

And finally Blitzen :D

My little herd x)

My newest custom was made by the very talented PeaceFluffles from DA :D

Her name is Isis (this was an on going joke between me, the artist and her sister xD )

She is absolutely stunning :D i had never thought to ask for a ninetales posed like this :)

Her tails are beautiful :D but apparently they where a pain to make (which i don't doubt) they where all individually made and sewn on >.< i can't imagine how painstaking that would be!

And now for the collection shots :D

First off my main collection :D ninetales and vulpix

New items : Vulpix Tomy Keychain (in front of vulpix kids) Gold metal Vulpix (right at the back, it's fallen over though :/)

More foxes :D The Gold Metal Ninetales is new :D just need to find a silver one and i'll be a happy pup ^_^

My Pride and Joy! The ninetales zukan :D i wrote ages ago that i had made it my task to complete my Soul Silver team in zukan form - Charizard , Pidgeot , Umbreon , Espeon and a Normal Ninetales and Shiny Ninetales - i didn't think it was possible but i have here my two lovely ladies :D i won't paint the 2nd one shiny though as ninetales is soo difficult to come by and if i ever decided to part with them it wouldn't be right :/

My little deer heard, sawsbuck needs more figures :( (the dark coin has sawsbuck on it, my flash obscured it :( )
and even smaller reshi collection D: need to do something about that!

My other pride and joys :D my fire babies <3 Ponyta and rapidash was my first zukan and one of my favourites :) i love how they made the fire :D

More zukans :D

My Little collection of other canines :) minus theire tomy figures and zukans :)

Little bowl of 'vees xD i can't make my mind up on whether i want to use those bag patches or keep them sealed :/ also need to find me an umbreon time charm :(

dangly deer :D

More zukan :D
Purrloin , tepig , togepi, goldeen, and aerodactyl are all new additions :)

My 'vee shelf :D I've got a spot right behing the canvas plush for that adorable new eevee plush from the i <3 eevee campagin (if i can snag one xD)

My favourite eeveeloutions <3 everything i have for the two lovelies are the same :) other than the time charms..

My other eevee figures plus two more gorgeous sculptures :D

My tomy collection exploded ... so much so i can't remember (other than ninetales line, growlithe line, poochy line and houndour line) wich ones i got since my last collection post xD

My plush deer herd, they normally sit on a shelf to avoid getting nommed by my new puppy, but that shelf has temprorarily been commondeered by my fiance ¬_¬

The plush safe haven xD since getting the new pup , my plush have had to find safe places to sit to avoid the jaws of death, Ghost (the white direwolf on the left hand side of the chair) fell victim to my pup, thankfully the urge to pee overpowered the urge to nom so other than slavers their was no real damage O.O
Anyhoo the remainder of my pokemon plush reside here :D my plush collection has drastically taken a hit :/ i'm not to impressed as i love plush but untill i have everything sorted out and my pup finally stops trying to cut his teeth on anything that resides on the floor, i won't be getting any more ;___;

Close up of my beautiful custom fire foxes :D all my gorgeous girls <3

Another of my gorgoues foxes :D she's a 2:1 scale ninetales made by the highly talented em_lemon
The scarf wasn't included xD my mum put it on her one morning while i was working and i haven't taken it off since :)

A sneaky fox that nearly avoided getting it's photo taken xD she's a gorgeous laying shiny ninetales made by the highly talented akeyma :D

Charms :D from the normal line all are new other than stantler xD
the new eevee line and the glaceon and leafeon charms attached to the johto dex line are new too :D the glaceon and leafeon charms where mini grails of mine :D i'm a sucker for charms and when the johto charms where on the go i snagged all the ones i wanted, untill i saw these two in someones collection post :D they where a lucky (but expensive) find on Y!J

My other charms :D this line was interesting xD i had from ninetales to ponyta from the johto dex line for my "fire line" then i got houndoom and houndour,,,dark/fire ... so they got attached after typhlosion then i realised i had dark pokemon too so i was stuck...add houdour to the darks or leave him with the fire :S then i had an idea :D i only had absol and the poochy line so add them after houndour...then i got the rest from a Y!J order and had the dark birds join the darks, then ghosts to follow ( i always see ghosts with dark not sure why xD) and since frosslass was ghost/ice that ment the rest of her line had to follow and ice is frozen water so milotic joined too and poor manectic line had no where to go so i stuck him on the end xD

my intresting line up close ..Manky carpet is manky :/ my apologies, our hoover sucks (LOL pardon the pun) i had hoovered before hand but it just fails to pick up dog hair ¬_¬ and for some reason our landlord refused to change the carpets before we moved in, they are cream and VERY badly stained ¬_¬ *rant over*

I absolutely  LOVE the new charms :D so happy i can fill my charm obsession with pokemon from other gens!

and last but not least
meet the nom-inator  i keep ranting about :D

This is Bandit <3 he's our 4 month old Northern Inuit Puppy (intresting fact : these dogs where used to portray the young dire wolves in game of thrones) :D he decided he wanted to watch his mummy make a collection post, thankfully when i'm around he doesn't attempt to nom so no pokemon where harmed in the making of this post :) ((please ignore the mess of the room xD we still need to finish sorting stuff out)

Thanks for looking :D

I have a load of stuff from my last sales post that still need a home, Rare Zukan, TFG and Kids etc :) i've lowered the price on a few things and you're more than welcome to make offers (just be reasonable ;) ) all info can be found on the page :D Click to be transported
Tags: arcanine, canvas, charizard, charms, deerling, eevee, espeon, glaceon, leafeon, mightyena, milotic, ninetales, pidgeot, poochyena, reshiram, sawsbuck, tomy, umbreon, vulpix, zukan
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