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Well, the time has come for me to part with most of my beloved collections. Not /everything/ is going, but a lot of it is. Not going into reasons, this isn't what this post is about. It's your opportunity to re home some amazing items, that some of which haven't ever been spotted again.



Sales permission granted in 2008, under the name Fernchu, by Denkimouse.

~~~All Auctions end Sunday April 29th, at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York Time)

Prices next to an item is what they start for, please bid in at least 1.00 increments.

All community rules apply of course.

I shouldn't have to say it, it is a rule but as a friendly reminder: please, DON'T SNIPE.

Paypal only

I ship from the US, and ship internationally.

Price does not include fees/postage.

For items over 100 dollars in the US tracking comes free. Otherwise (in the US) it's 1.00 extra.

It is worth mentioning, I can sometimes be a slow shipper. I have to rely on others to get me to the post office, and I buy my materials with the money I make. So please expect shipping to take 1-2 weeks so I can transfer paypal funds, pay for materials, pack, and then ship <3 I am happy to answer *any* questions at any time regarding shipping status.

My feedback~ http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/lampent/

</b> Payment Plans</b>

I'm sure this will be brought up a lot. This is how my payment plans will work:

Single items, or if you win multiple items: a 30% downpayment is due, for the full amount of your purchase (whether it be one item, or your entire purchase) at the end of the auction (within a week of the auctions close)

You will have until the first week of JUNE to pay your purchase off. That's a little over a month's span. I must have completed payment by the first week of June.

You can pay more than 30% if you want, but that is just the minimum.

Buyer agrees to pay "fees" on installments.

Items will not be shipped until fully paid off.

Payment plans qualify for items/transactions 100+. However if you need a payment plan for something else, please inquire /before/ bidding. I am happy to help!


As always feel free to ask any questions :D

The goods~


Pokedoll charm 200

round charm, 20

Dex charm, 20

Sitting Charm, 10

Vaps charm, 10

metal swing charm 100


Regular Skinny kid, 10

Clear skinny kid, 20

regular fat kid, 10

clear fat kid, 50

newest kid 10



Umbreon canvas (Mint with tags attatched) 130

Halloween UFO (not a bootleg) 20


Mini strap - 150

Incredibly rare strap, intended for the pokemon mini games. The packaging is bent in places, but it is how it came to me. Still in package.





In case figure - 50

Original Retsuden Stamper - 100



Close up of can badge - http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk258/USACorgie/finalsales8.jpg

Paper-craft figure - 20

Can badge - 30

Patch - 15



Battle Museum - 10

Chou - 10

Tomy Keychain - 30

Megablok - 10

Newer Retsuden - 15

Pencil Topper - 10

Tomy - 5

Keshipoke - 10

Zukan piece - 10



Litwick pokedoll (No hang tag, may still have it/Japanese) - 8.00

Halloween plush - 20

Christmas plush - 20

Original kid - 5

Shiny repaint - 8

newer kid - 5

lampent kid - 5

Halloween charm set - 20

Reshiram overdrive soap figure - 10



More photos: http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk258/USACorgie/fwasales11.jpg

Custom Uskachan Lampent made with two different types of minky, about 14 inches long - 150



Garchomp Zukan - 30



Jakks garchomp - 5

Tomy+ - 10

DX Kid - 8



Yellow base figure - 10

Purple stamp - 5

Red stamp - 8

Clipping figure - 8

Rare European figure - 15

Chou - 5

Keshipoke - 10

Chupa (with keychain attached, yes it is legit ) - 8


Charms MIP - 15




Newest kid - 5

Clear Kid - 10

Original Kid - 5

tomy figure - 5

Shiny tomy figure - 10

PLEASE DO NOT BID UNTIL I PUT THREADS UP!! THANKS, everything should be up now!
Tags: auction, custom, garchomp, litwick, plush, pokecen, reshiram, sales, tomy, umbreon, vaporeon, zukan
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