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Reminder and rareness question!

Hello there again! :)

First order of business, afrokid001, captainangel, chaosoftwilight, dezchu, milomilotic11, pacificpikachu, pokepalace, raichu_saana, risha_moon, and sugar0coated, you still have not paid me for shipping from the Big Nasija Lot I have run! 

ALSO, the extras from this GA are up for grabs for everybody! :)

Please go here to have a look!

And now to my question!

What is your rarest item/s in your entire Pokemon collection?

From rareness I mean items that are TRULY hard to come accross, or items that you think nobody owns on the community except you. It does not mean it must be an item that was super expensive either. Not things that appear often in the community and get super expensive.

Of course, if you have more of them, that would be lovely to show off! You do not have to post pictures, but they would be nice to look at for other people! :)

From my part:

I think that the Mantyke Retsuden stamp is pretty rare, it did not cost me much, but since I have done a GA with a friend on a set of Retsuden stamps, I have never ever seen one in the community, nor YJ.
The Ken Sugimori mug from 2002 is pretty rare imo, as shiny Charizard merchandise is really popular. Not only that, there were more things of this art made in 2002, but they are simply not easy to come across and I know that I haven't seen much of selling of the clearfile and box from 2011 either.
Last but not least, shiny Charmander kid. I consider this as really rare and highly wanted by many people, as I have seen it in a GA of shiny kids that was not even won. And that was the only time I have seen it up for auctions, that's all.
I am sure I have more of them (like the Charmander bell plush), but that would be another long story to write...

Post up your stories, I would love to see yours! =D

Thank you for reading!
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