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Flea Market Gets + Umbreon Tomy Auction

Hi community!
Yes, its Sunday and that means a trip to the Flea Market or Los Perros (Spanish for 'The Dogs") as my family calls it.
Today I saw lots of old Tomys. I'm thinking about doing Pick ups!

But, this post if about what I got.
Heres a preview:

(Sorry for the bad pictures)
These are all from the Flea Market!
Pikachu Tomy Plush
Jigglypuff (Unknown Figure)
Pichu V Trainer 
Umbreon Tomy (He is in GREAT condition) 
Quaqsire Tomy (In poor condition)

Yay! Another Jigglypuff figure to add to my Jiggly Collection! :D

(Sorry for the bad picture)
Pichu V Trainer Figure.
My sister was mad because I got it xD

Quaqsire Tomy! (Sorry for the terrible Pictures today guys)
Hes in poor condition, but I just couldn't leave him there for more abusement :O

Tomy Pikachu Plush!
Hes so cuteee! I got him for $2.90!
The lady said $3, but I only had $2.90 on me xD
But, she was also selling a big Pika for $9 :O
Next time, I wanna get it! 

Last is an Umbreon Tomy!
He is Minty!

But, since I feel like he can do to an Eevee/Umbreon collector, i'm going to put him for auction.

Auction Starts at $3

I ship from Goodyear AZ

I only ship in the U.S. and to Canada

Auction Timer:

Sales Permission granted by [info]entirelycliche on 4/2/12

I am not responsible if the package gets lost in the mail

Be patient when it comes to shipping.
I rely on my parents to take me to the post office.

Only bid encasement of $0.50 or higher.

No snipping, 10 minutes before timer ends.

I only accept Paypal

Happy bidding c:

Thanks for looking!

Tags: jigglypuff, pichu, pikachu, quagsire, tomy, umbreon
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