Talia (renshao) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Offers :)

Hi Guys :)
I'm offering some bits and bobs for sale again :) I'm going on a trip in June and I'm in need of the money, so it's time to let go of some pieces of my collection. Sales permission was received from lineaalba (sp?) a couple of years back.

Firstly, my 1:1 Emolga. This fella is such a cutie, and he's in perfect condition with tag. I'm taking offers because I'm a little unsure of what he is worth now, but I will start offers at $100, which is what I paid. Shipping will be a flat rate of $25, to anywhere (except somewhere really mad like Australia - then I will have to get you a quote).

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Next is my Zapdos zukan.
Really unsure of what to begin offers at seeing as these don't pop up all that often, could any one offer some guidance? I will re-edit this post and make a thread when a minimum offer has been decided?
Offers will start at $50 :)
He has a curled beak, but when I received him he was mint in package, so I'm assuming they were either made like this, or it's simply due to age. Either way he looks great anyway and his paint job is perfect :)

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I do have a lot of zukans, and I'm unsure of what I want to sell, but if anyone is looking for anything in particular you could always ask to see if I have it, and I'll consider taking an offer :)

Much love guys <3
Tags: emolga, plush, zapdos, zukan
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