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Giant pika-plush attack!!

Hey fellow pokemon fans :D

I was wondering if anybody here would be interested in this 1/1 scale pikachu plush that I've had for yonks.

As much as I love it, it'll just spend it's days in storage :( what's interesting though is that it has a japanese tag and I have NO idea where it originally came from O_o

This huge plush is in very good condition :) it's 12"/31cm tall and 10"/26cm wide.

I really have no idea what he is worth but I am more than happy to take offers for him :) just keep in mind he is pretty big and may cost a bit to ship x_x

I also have a couple of other things here I hope someone here will be interested in :)

This here is the old pikachu game boy backpack

Again I'm not sure what he's worth so I'm happy to take offers for it, also in extremely good condition :)

And lastly:

This here is the pocket pikachu cyberpet/tamagotchi. Comes with all original booklets and box, all in very good condition.

However, the reset button is stuck inside :( so at the moment it does not work though it definitely used to, so I'm happy to let this go a bit cheap in the hopes that someone wil be able to repair it and play with it themselves :). if not, simply send it back and I will happily give you a full refund for it :)

I am in the UK but am happy to ship anywhere!

Sales permission was given so long ago I really couldn't say who it was that gave it to me, probably Gin/Denkimouse I think?

EDIT: Off for the night and will reply to anymore comments tomorrow =3
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