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Collection Update

I think now is the best time to do a collection update because the items coming in my mailbox has finally calmed down. XD

And I finally did it....I removed the tags from my plushs. I didn't like that they would get a bit bent on the edges so I removed them and found a nice place to display them.

Nice, huh?

My sleepy tepig                                                                                oshawott plush and groudon hat

teddiursa phone strap                            deino and evos. charms

One of my shelf's with various items

bulbasuar and charmander canvas plushs, and my grail my dragonite pokedoll.Second shelf with the rest of my plushs (& reshiram fig.)

Picture continued ( sorry for the dark picture it's kind of hard to move the sun to the other side of the room, along with the window XD )

Straight Sale
My friend gave me this adorable cyndaquil plush, but I don't really collect cyndaquil and really have room for it.

It doesn't have any tags and since I don't collect cyndaquil I don't really know which plush it is XP
I believe it is a Tomy Cyndaquil Plush
So I'm gonna let him go for $10
Sales permission granted by on 13 FEB. 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/p3nguina/

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