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Tits McGee

Sales Time

Hello everyone. It's that time again!
Added some new stuff. My goal is to reach $250 by this friday for class! D: So let me know if you need any pics or anything!!! Lets do this!
If you want feedback let me know. If you bought from me please leave me some as well <3
Feedback here please! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/aleyina/

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know!  I also ship from the USA. (International packages are AT YOUR OWN RISK! Never had any get lost, but please be aware that it happens.)

I prefer Paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk).
I will take money orders but ONLY from the post office or Wal Mart. NO BANKS!

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc. All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. Sales permission from Lineaalba.

That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless you ARE gonna buy but are waiting to see if you win an auction I am holding, NO HOLDS! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you cannot pay immediately, then its up for grabs! E-checks are ok but I won't send til they clear.
No trades at this time, please!

Mini Tangela tomy-$1
Mini Totodile tomy-$1
Mini Weedle tomy-$1
Bath salt figure Treecko-$2
Bootleg? eevee clipping figure-$5

Bath salt figures: mint
All $4 a piece

Deoxys kid type thing- $2
Pikachu keychain- $1
Zorua copying Rose from Titanic-$1
Blue rubber Golem-$1
Riolu little figure- $1
Pikachu stamp- $1

Various Pokemon blue pouch- $4
Inflatable Pikachu- $2

Pikachu stamp big- $4
Landmin stamp big- $4
Skymin stamp big- $4

Psyduck reverse plush with insert- $2
Rubber venonat- $1
Rubber Bulbasaur- $1
Blastoise yellow rubber figure- $1
All others SOLD

New straps:
Landmin- $3

Piplup suction cup- $3
Puplup strap x2- $2 each

Pikachu/pichu pouch (gen 2 starters on back)- $5

Tomy's NIB:
Psyduck- $3
CLEAR Deoxys- $5

Wynaut sticker thing new- $3
Jigglypuff thing in box- $2
Cleafairy keychain (may light up)- $2
New pikachu pouch- $4
Clear Manaphy bottlecap-$3
Palkia keychain new- $4
Pullback moving Pichu- $1

Chansey tomy-$0.50
Pichu toy-$0.50
All others SOLD

All $0.25 each
SOLD: Lugia and Chansey

Raichu Foam Custom-$5
Sneasel jakks-$5
Pikachu bell keychain-$2
Others SOLD

Voltorb magnet-$2
Pikachu magnet-$2
Jigglypuff magnet-$2
Pikachu head magnet-$3
All others SOLD

Deoxys tomy keychain-$1
All others SOLD

Standing Pachirisu jakks plush NWT-$7
Others SOLD

Laying Shinx plush
Standing shinx plush (bootleg)-$5

Exeggutor FCS (no base)-$0.50
Darkrai figure-$1
Togepi figure-$0.50
Starmie FCS (missing clear piece)-$0.25
All others SOLD

Kyogre mini toy-$1
Crawfish figure-$0.50
Blastoise tomy keychain (no chain)-$2
All others SOLD

Rayquazza GB toy-$0.50
Squirtle figure-$1
All others SOLD

Plusle battrio-$0.50
Grovyle bottlecap-$1
All others SOLD

Clefairy metal swing-$2
Hitmontop metal swing-$2
Blissey metal swing (swing broken off)-$1
All others SOLD

Mini cots:
All others SOLD

Sticker sheet on top left-$0.50

Front and back
Top movie thing-$0.25
Right movie thing-$0.25
Mini sticker sheet (missing 3 or 4)-$1

Pichu spinning game (works) with insert and black pieces next to it (his tail) -$1
All others SOLD

New pull back toys: All $0.50 each

Celebi pull back boat new-$0.50
All others SOLD

NEW pull back parts moving toys: All $1 each

Darkrai tomy? new-$1
All others SOLD

$1 each (dratini MAY be a bootie)

Pokemon xmas ornaments (retired set)
All others SOLD

Banpresto Oshawott plush NWT-$8
Jakks Chikorita mint-$4
Zekrom McD's toy-$1
All others SOLD

Ledyba mini cot-$3
All others SOLD

Victini kid mint-$4
Wartortle tomy mint-$4
Luxio kid-$5 (NOT the one my secret valentine gave me. Got an extra :D)
Luxio tomy mint-$4

Chikorita postcard-$0.25
All others SOLD

Psyduck keychain-$0.50
All others SOLD

Pokemon Spin toys:
Grovyle- $0.50
All others SOLD

All cards here $5 for the whole thing! (rare-rev.holo-uncommon-common)
Not all cards are from the newest expansion

All cards 0.25 each! or free with purchase! (one per order please)

Moltres rev. holo- $3

NWT Blitzle Pokedoll-$15

New Pokemon ceramic tea set:
Vileplume x2- $3 each
Squirtle- $3

Tags: aron, blitzle, cards, celebi, chansey, chikorita, chimchar, clefable, clefairy, darkrai, dialga, dratini, grovyle, jigglypuff, jynx, ledyba, lickitung, luxio, moltres, oshawott, palkia, pichu, pikachu, piplup, psyduck, sales, shaymin, skymin, slugma, squirtle, victini, vileplume, wartortle, zekrom
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