Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Collection Update!

I've been meaning to post this a while, but I've been too busy ;-;
I'm still too busy actually, but feh, I'm taking a break from writing my paper. Plus the post before mine made me want to show off the sculpture I bought. :D

Here's some of the newcomers to my collection! :D

Tomy released a new recolor of their Arcanine figure for Diamond and pearl! Yay! He doesn't look yellowed anymore! Paid way too much for a little Tomy, but he IS in mint condition! I might keep him in the box, I dunno!
I've not seen a Growlithe re-release but if its out there, I want it. :o

This was a total impulse buy, but I am kind of glad I did- he is GORGEOUS. *drool* It's a custom sculpture made by Eggy Yokio of FurAffinity. I was just browsing the recents page and saw this and immediately asked him if it was for sale. :D He said yes, so I bought it! So so gorgeous. Look at that slightly pearescent head and tail poof, and that fur texture, and those cute toes! Yay!

Rubber stamp from Kanackering! :D If there is an Arcanine in this set, DO WANT!

Shurt... got this on eBay. Paid too much for the condition its in (the silkscreening is fading and cracking like all hell), and when it got it it stunk SO bad D: I picked up the package on my way to class and was keeping the shirt in my bag... everyone in the room commented that the classroom was smelly. I was so embarrassed and horrified one little shirt could stink so much. xD Needless to say, I washed the hell out of that thing before wearing it. But I luffs it anyway. Fits me perfectly.

This one isn't new, I've had it for a year, but I don't think I ever really posted about it! It's a long sleevey shirt.
But there's something kind of odd about it... LOL. *headdesk*

So this is my 'at-school' collection. When I go home for summer in two weeks, these guys will be joining my main collection on top of my chest of drawers. *grin*

Also, just a last reminder for my sales post here:
Prices negotiable. if I don't get any bites, I'll pull it down and just keep those items.
Tags: arcanine, collection, growlithe
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