SeiferA (seifer_a) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Majestic Dawn Pulls Anyone?

So I attended my first pre-releases in some time (about 9 months or so, I'd say). It was mostly fun. I got some decent pulls here and there, and a certain lightning bird helped me through most of my battles. It's interesting to see me using him kinda decently in this format, what with call for family and all, and considering he's been an old favorite from long ago... felt nice to finally get to use him in some battles.

The other pulls I got aside from him... well, why don't you see for yourself? I'm willing to part with any of them if anyone's interested:


-1.25 for shipping inside the US. Outside, let me know here and Ill figure it out for you. Paypal only. Item will be sent out on the same day only if it's payed by 2PM CST, Monday-Saturday. If not, it'll be shipped the next day. If you have any questions or what not, let me know of course.-

If there's no takers by Wednesday, I'll remove this sale entry (though I'll keep the cards in the entry without the prices).

Next week, I'm hoping to start buying some more boosters, but we're gonna have to wait and see on that one. Hopefully I can make it so.

I also got the eevee poster too. Thank goodness. Really wanted it, not because I <3 leafeon, but more so because it's one of the most awesome posters for the pre-releases I have ever seen.

Finally, since I saw a newbie post their wants with Pokemon stuff, I guess I might as well say as well: My choices tend to vary. Some quirky stuff, such as Pokemon bowls, kitchenware, general housewares is what I'm kinda interested in from time to time. Stuff that the US Pokemon Center carried early on, for example, but more so what the japanese pokemon center carries. Pokemon wise, the only two I'd be wanting to find at the moment is Chikorita and Celebi. If I can find big plushies of either (1/1 scale maybe?), that'd be especially nice. Unfortunately, even now I lack enough funds to get such items, but hopefully when my finanicial situation improves over the next few weeks... well, there ya go.

There IS one thing I am curious about, however. I'm wondering if any of you happen to have that Groudon backpack that was sold at the US Pokemon Center for a while early on. The backpack is almost a near replica of Brendan's backpack in Ruby/Sapphire, hense why I was curious about this. If anyone does, let me know. Like I said, no funds right now, but if I were to buy something Pokemon related here first and foremost, it'd likely be that since I've been searching for that backpack for a long time now.
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