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Preparing for a move, lots added to sales!

I'm moving cross-country very soon so I'm downsizing to mostly my main collections. I've added a large number of items from my own collection(s) to my sales, including lots of plush, kids, figures, and some other cool items. I've dropped some prices as well.

Sales permission received from denkimouse on 5/23/2010.
My feedback is here.
I ship from Seattle, WA in the US.
Prices do not include shipping. Your total includes shipping and packing materials. I give discounts to anyone buying several items.

You're welcome to haggle and please tell me if a price seems high, I'd love your opinion~!


Mewtwo Hasbro bean bag, Jigglypuff Hasbro bean bag, 2x Meowth Hasbro bean bags, Meowth "treat keeper" w/ pouch in back - $2/each
Zubat KFC plush (one fang loose as shown in picture), Ivysaur Hasbro bean bag (rip in front left foot) - $1/each
or take them ALL for $10!

Spiky-eared Pichu Takara Tomy New Pokemon plush, 9" tall, MWT - $14
Spiky-eared Pichu Banpresto Diamond Pearl Super DX plush, 10" tall, mint/no hang tag - $16 sold!
Spiky-eared Pichu Banpresto Diamond Pearl plush, 8" tall, mint/no hang tag - $10

Sleeping Pichu plush (from a plush of Totodile/Pichu, I purchased it by itself and it looks great as a standalone plush) - $6 sold!
Pichu Banpresto sledding Gold and Silver plush, 6" tall, MWT - $12 sold!
Pichu Banpresto UFO 2001 plush, great condition/no hang tag - $6
Pichu Banpresto UFO 2004 plush, loved/no hang tag - $4
Pichu Hasbro beanbag plush - $2

Pikachu Banpresto Halloween 2010 plush, 6" tall, MWT - $14
Electronic Hasbro "I Choose You Pikachu" plush (talks, ears move, cheeks light up--just tested, works perfectly) - $10
Large Pikachu Tomy plush w/ suction cups on hands and feet - $12

Palkia Banpresto plush, loved - $4
BIG Palkia Banpresto plush, MWT - $18

Eevee Play by Play plush, great condition - $12

Tepig Pokemon Center plush (USA), MWT - $8
Tepig Banpresto plush, MWT - $12
Bulbasaur Banpresto plush, slightly sun-faded/no hang tag - $8 sold!
Shaymin sky forme Banpresto plush, mint/no hang tag - $10

Phione Jakks plush, MWT - $8 on hold!
Manaphy Jakks plush, mint/no hang tag - $6
Celebi Jakks plush, MWT - $8
Shinx Jakks plush, mint/no hang tag - $12


All brand new and unopened

#3 Zekrom - $5

#4 Pikachu/Snivy - $5

#9 Emolga - $7 sold!
#10 Scraggy - $6

Figures (Pokemon time, clipping, chupa, chou get, Jakks, etc.)

Squishy 3.5" Munchlax figure (Elecrike kid for comparison) - $5

Entei x2 - $4
Golurk x3 - $2
Beartic x2 - $3
Reshiram - $5
Braviary - $5
Scraggy - $6

Rotom - $4 sold!
Wash Rotom - $4 sold!
Clear Heat Rotom - $3 sold!
Cresselia silver chou get, new in package w/ insert - $2
Regirock silver chou get, new in package w/ insert - $2
Regice silver chou get, new in package w/ insert - $2 sold!

Munchlax Jakks figure (comes with marble) - $3
Mew Jakks figure (no marble) - $4


Phione - $2
Mewtwo - $3 sold!
Jirachi - $4

Minun - $3
Magnezone - $1 sold!

Chansey - $2 sold!
Togetic - $3 sold!
Clear Kangaskhan - $3 sold!

Slowbro - $4
Kirlia - $4
Dusclops - $2

Grimer - $2
Stunky - $3
Snorunt - $1 sold!
Mamoswine - $2

Tomys (including XL)

Poliwag - $.50 (scrape on mouth)
Raticate - $1
Sandshrew - $2
Sandslash - $2
Drowzee - $1
Chansey - $1
Gallade - $2


Foam stand-ups
Venusaur, Meowth, Jigglypuff, Psyduck - $2 each

Shaymin land forme watch (like new, works perfectly) - $4
Pikachu in field Diorama World Tomy figure - $2
Piplup strap (MIP, never used--took out of plastic for photo) - $2 sold!
Sandshrew mega blok - $7 sold!

Poliwhirl rolling stamp - $2 sold!
Minccino stamp - $5

Tyranitar TCG tin - $2
Torterra TCG tin, some water damage on front - $1
Palkia TCG tin - $2

Eevee dog tag - $4 sold!
Cute custom Eevee charm - $1

Pokemon board game MIP - $4 (includes everything--game pieces, 4.5" square board, case for game pieces and instructions in Japanese. Opened box and one side of plastic to photograph stickers)
Game pieces: Chimchar x2, Infernape x2, Milotic x2, Umbreon x2, Electivire x2, Manaphy x2, Palkia x2 and Giratina (one of each forme)

Magnets! - $2 per sheet, or offer on single magnets (Pachirisu, Togekiss sold!)

Badges - $1 each (Thunder badge sold!)

TCG (All cards have been kept in binders and are in GREAT condition!)

Victini jumbo movie promo card - offer!

More to come--far too many to list, if interested please show me your wishlists.

(Please only ask for three or fewer freebies, unless you are buying a few or more items. Thanks~!)

Tepig x2, Reshiram x3, Pikachu, Oshawott - free with purchase, otherwise $1 each (Oshawott, Pikachu, Tepig all gone)

McDonalds/BK toys (Jigglypuff doesn't light up, Rapidash & Geodude gone)

Stained (probably bootleg) Pikachu, Slugma bootleg Tomy, Swellow Jakks, Hitmonchan kid torso

Stickers! Each sticker is 1.5" tall and 1" wide

More stickers! (Zubats, Ponyta, Magneton, Gyarados, Kabuto, Aerodactyl gone)

Action flipz

Tags: arceus, beartic, celebi, entei, golurk, ho-oh, lugia, manaphy, mareep, mew, palkia, phione, pikachu, reshiram, rotom, sales, scraggy, shaymin, shinx, stunky, tepig, victini
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