Mako (oi_m) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MPC set 12 & 14 GB reminder

Hi there! Do you still remember the GB that I posted yesterday?


We still NEED CLAIMS for DucklettSimisear and Frillish!

Ducklett and Simisear will be $5 * each before shipping and fees.
Frillish will be $6 * before shipping and fees.

* Estimated price only. It may change due to fluctuations in exchange rate.

Some important announcements about the GB:

1. For MPC set 14 (set including Swadloon, Palpitoad, etc...), I found a cheaper lot with BIN price 2800yen. If our GB ends with only 5 claims, each person will need to pay 560yen before shipping and fees, which is still a bit cheaper than the original lot (584 yen each). Therefore, poliwhirl has already bought the lot. If we can find claim for Frillish, it will be lowered to 467 yen each before shipping and fees :D Let's hope Frillish can find a good home!
Frillish is claimed! Yay!

2. For MPC set 12 (set including Ducklett etc...), we will only buy this lot if we have all plush claimed.

Please click the following link to the original GB post c:
Tags: group auction, mpc
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