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Time for some quick sales and auctions. The last 6 weeks weeks for me have been pretty dire, having now spent roughly $400 in vet bills Im needing to do some emergency sales and auctions and part with some items I really dont want to let go. 

I know I owe a couple of payments here and there which I will get to after Ive made this post. Also anyone waiting on anything to be shipped from me it was done so Yesterday :)

All these and more including what little of a Rufflet/Braviary collection I have + others!
ALSO! Im selling my entire Entei and Suicune collections *cries* so please please check! :D

Sales permission given by Denkimouse
Feedback is here -

-I ship from the UK
-I can do holds/payment plans if needed
-All rules apply
-Auction will run for around 5 days, a timer will be added on the reminder in a couple days time. 

-I will be quoting the new shipping prices as I cannot ship in the week, only on weekends. Sorry about this. Please be warned that shipping for non flats will start from around $ 6.28


First up are auction items!

Blaziken Pokedoll, mint condition and with all tags. Tag is a little bent in places. Click links for extra pics

Starts at $120

Swampert Pokedoll, mint condition. Has a slight mark on belly which can barely be noticed. Tush tag only. 
Starts at $60

Arcanine/Growlithe Zukan
Mint condition and no flaws/paint rubs at all. 
Starts at $50

Arcanine Banpresto Figure. 
Mint condition cept for a small mark on his muzzle (in picture linked below)
He came to me like this, I just see it as a cutie beauty spot though n___n
Starts at $30

Rufflet/Braviary Lot

Includes both Rufflet and Braviary MPC, the Braviary UFO and the national dex charms.
Everything is mint condition and with all tags etcetc
Lot starts at $45


Chillarmy pokecen. 
Mint condition although tail has been detached, so has hang tag but will be included. 

Ho-Oh Pokedoll, mint condition, hang tag detached but will be included: $10

Growlithe/Arcanine coins
Both in great condition!
$6 each or $10 for both!

Growlithe Arcanine cardass
Both in mega mint condition.
$7 each or both for $12

Growlithe Arcanine topps cards. Both mega mint, $4 for both!

Raichu Dex Charm, $10

Girantina puzzle ball, sealed! $10 OBO

Growlithe/Arcanine & Houndour/Houndoom Johto dex charms. Both sets are mint and never opened. 
$30 for each set

Tepig TY beanie, mint with all tags $10

Listing items from left to right. 
Suicune Sofubi/dx tomy: $20
Plamo: $10
Tomy pose: $10
Figure stylus (in the back): $9
Figure cap: $10
Jakks Figure: $15
TCG tin: $3

Zukan: $5 OBO
Tomy MC+ (with grey base): $10
Tomy movie keychain(next to MC+): $5
Movie Tomy Figure (head up): $9
Older kid figure: $5
Figure strap (with grey strap): $4
Figure movie strap (with blue strap): $3
Pencil/pen lid: $6

Block strap (in the back on card) $25
Attack kid: $4
Chouget: $5
Shooter figure (black and blue base) $4
Roller: $4
Tomy figure: $4
Squishy keychain: $3
Metal disk keychain: $3

Listing items from left to right. 
Plamo: $10
Jakks Figure: $15
Tomy pose: $10
10th anniversary bottlecap: $8
Tomy MC+ (grey base): $10
TCG tin: $3

Tomy Figure: $4
Chou get: $5
Attack kid: $4
Movie kid(?)(at the end): $5
Pencil/pen lid: $6
Figure movie strap (with blue strap) $4
Roller: $4
Metak disk keychain $3
Keshipoke (comes with pokeball it came in but please ask for it)(pictured behind the roller) $10

Figure Stylus (in the back) $9
10th anniversary zukan (with ash) (1 blade has managed to go missing but i had it the other day...if found it will be included!) $8
Older kid figure: $5
Shooter figure (black and red base) $4
Figure strap (yellow strap) $3
Squishy keychain: $3
DS case $5


Best of luck guys and thank you in advance!!

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