xanxas (Iain Kelsey) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Iain Kelsey

Zukan update + wants+ Trades

Trying to get Most the ghost zukan but knowing that Gastly,Haunter,Gengar came form the 1st set making them very rare and since none of the gen5 ghosts have been made i dont i will be able to get all the ghosts.Torterra my fav starter i got him on ebay for cheap noone bid lucky me.Roserade i have 3 Roserade sets i found a seller on ebay selling sealed balls (lol) i keep hopeing for a Dialga but it always Roserade aaarrrrrr.I also have the movie Zekrom ver full set coming this next week i am hopeing to trade my 2nd golurk for a Hydreigon.

I dont know what Dusknoir and Golurk are looking at.

The Torterra zukan is very useful at storing small zukans

Trades:like i said above hoping to trade golurk for Hydreigon note that the golurk for trade will be MIB

Zukans:all the ghosts,Heatran.
YOTD folder
KIDS:Heatran and Sableye
Tags: collection, wanted
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