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Questions about Cyndaquil Pokedoll + Wants

I've been in a Pokedoll crazicollecting phase lately and one of the ones I've been looking for is the Japanese 10th Anniversary Cyndaquil pokedoll MWT.

I'm just wondering if anyone here can share their experience on finding him - how hard is it to find this little guy? I've been stalking the community here, eBay, and Y!J with no luck of even catching a glimpse of him (except in collection posts). I'd really like one of my own T^T

How often would he make an appearance here on PKMNcollectors (so I know how fast I should pounce when/if he does) and how much should I expect to spend on him?

(edited picture from minhimalism)

If anyone is looking to sell theirs or know of where I can buy one, please let me know! I just can't resist him and his lil nubby nose x]

To see my current plush wants list, click here.

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