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So there's some major things I want that I didn't get a chance to add to my post yesterday..... 
They're all pretty much for the same thing....

First.... you must listen to this sappy childhood story: you can skip through it if you want xD

When I was a kid.... my friend who moved from England gave me this sticker album:

And she gave me a few stickers as well that I immediately put into the book in their rightful places. I was determined to complete the sticker album..... until I found out that the stickers where only available in England.... 
You can probably imagine how upset I was......

And now I'm hoping that with the help of this community, I can finish my childhood goal of collecting all the stickers~
I know it's probably a long shot.... since this thing is OLD..... but it doesn't hurt to try right? ;;

If you happen to have any of them, or know where I can get them..... that would be awesome~

Here's a list of the stickers I already have:
11- Metapod
S5- Beedrill
29- Nidoran Female
33- Nidorino
41- Zubat
55- Golduck
S11- Meowth 
61- Poliwhirl
66- Machop
76- Golem
78- Rapidash
S13- Slowpoke
84- Doduo
S14- Muk
143- Snorlax
159- Parasect
172- Primeape
190- Venusaur
206- Meowth
I italicized the special sparkle ones

If anyone could help... I would love them forever ;; HELP ME WITH MY CHILDHOOD DREAM!

also.... I forgot to add some of my collection to the photos yesterday xD; here they are if you would like to see them:

some of this stuff is from my childhood while some is new xDDD actually the only old ones are probably the sticker album, the pokemon hall of fame book, and the growlithe and pikachu card albums I got forever ago

The lugia phone charm is a pretty beat up cuz I actually used it on my phone for like... a year xD

also.... I have a Totodile stylus to go with the other two.... but it was downstairs in my other DS case at the time and I was lazy..... xD;;

Those also aren't the only cards i have..... I just threw them in there to show the types I had xD;; ahahaha 

I'm also a huge Pokemon Special Fan (I even have all the volumes).... so having one of the original magazine type prints makes me happy~ 

so's my spam for the day.... herp derp xD;  you guys are gonna end up hating me

I'd also say that I'm thankful for the warm welcome I had from you all~! <3 and all your attempts to help me with my collection!!!! I really wish I had more money at the moment to buy everything I want off you guys ;;

Have a nice day everyone~! <3

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